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The players of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team according to the ability and adeptness of their own can be divided into three types, that are silver player, bronze player and gold player. And for the best rating for the player, it is surely the gold rating without any doubt, and those players who have the rating of 75 or more than 75 can get the award of gold rating. And if a player get the rating of 64 or even less than 64, he is the bronze rating. Here, we do not suggest you just go for the players of the gold rating. Actually, you will be compelled to only use the silver rating player or the bronze rating player to enter some certain online tournaments, so, there is still need on maintaining the players of bronze rating and silver rating.


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And for the three type players, they are also divided into three types: in form cards, normal cards, and rare cards. And if the player who has an outstanding performance in the real pitch game, it will be the in form card, and through the FIFA’s Team of the Week, they will be updated very week.


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