FIFA 17: New Set Piece and Active Intelligence System Make You Experience the Game Better

When mentioning the classical and innovative game in the football field, it must be the FIFA games, and its developer is the EA Company. In this year, even though the PES 2017 was higher evaluated when compared to the FIFA 2017, it got better sales than the PES 2017, as its sales it 20 times more than that of the PES 2017 in the week one after it was released in the 27th September in the UK time, and what is more, the FIFA 13 sales record was broke by the FIFA 17, from which we can see that the FIFA 17 really is a great success. (Buy reliable and legit fifa coins now.)


In terms of operating the game, the FIFA 17 surely can make your dream come true by controlling the ball freely, because it upgraded the Set Piece of its own for better game control. When playing the FIFA 17 game, you can control all the situation of the dead ball completely. And in fifa 17, there is a branded new way for the player to attack the ball and position the ball only with the skill to handle the balls. And may be able to use the Penalty Mechanism to shoot into the game. In addition, there is a new design in the FIFA 17 – Active Intelligence System, by it, the performances of your teams will become much more active when compared to that of the performance before, and you can experience the game much more Radically.


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