FIFA 17: Messi’s Team Play Well to See Enrique Off

“National newspaper” pointed out that the Barcelona players did not do off Enrique. The team lost score and it resulted from a variety of factors. Busquets and Iniesta are surprised at the fact that captain lack of tactical change in the PSG game. But they are not shelling Enrique, just want to make the coach more concerned and focused, you know, a few months ago Enrique made a decision to leave Barcelona.

Inside Barcelona, many people have long believed that Enrique will not stay in Barcelona. For such a coach, the players do not need to “do anything on Enrique”. In any case, it was unfavorable to Enrique, and he declared his departure only to confirm an established fact, and also confirmed that he would have led Barcelona before the end of the season. Enrique left his daily life, he let the team resume memory, use the 343 tactics that are very familiar with the Nou Camp stadium. This is not to make the team become elusive, but let the team be re-recognized by the fans, and finally Barcelona won over the rivals with the result of 5 to 0.

Although Barcelona may not be able to reverse Paris Saint-Germain, and it can not guarantee to be able to win the La Liga champion, but the use of the old formula, can let Barcelona focus on playing football, to protect their own style, to restore their reputation. Now there is no player to stay for Enrique to fight, there will be no players to get rid of the effort without Enrique, the team are fighting for a common cause, and Messi is their representative.

On last Saturday’s game, Messi’s sense of responsibility has become more and more stronger, he no longer has the feeling of guilt. Messi hopes to send Enrique in the grandest way. After Enrique made his decision open, Messi and his teammates decided to use the best results to help the club to win a number of championship to send to the coach. On the other hand, Enrique’s decision also eased the tension of the club. Barcelona is not an orthodox business, they are just a club with unique rule.

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