FIFA 17: Messi Won Over Cristiano Ronaldo in El Clásico

Messi scored the goal in the 92th minute and defeated Real Madrid, and rekindled the hope of Barcelona title, but also renewed the fans expectations on Messi. When Messi stood in front of the stands and showed his No. 10 jersey and his name to Real Madrid fans, he looked like the king of the world. Messi told the enemy with this action: yes, it is me who defeated you! The El Clásico is the key battle to fight for the championship in real sense, before the match, people generally think that if Barcelona lose this season, La Liga champion will lose suspense. Under the case that out of the Champions League and the league championship hope is slim, Messi this year may be surpassed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Golden Globe is also basically hopeless.


There is nothing more convincing than the positive victory, the first round of El Clásico in this season, Barcelona at home 1-1 at the last moment equalized by Real Madrid , the protagonists are  not Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Before the second round, the Barcelona was out of Champions League, Real Madrid eliminated Bayern later, in the eyes of fans and the medias, the game may become a thorough blow to Barcelona this season, and 2017 Golden Globe suspense also Will stop abruptly. But changing life still relied on Messi! He scored a goal in the 92th minute to tie the gap with Real Madrid. In this direct contest, Messi made a victory.

For Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the first person title Golden Globe is not in the first place, winning the championship trophy with the team is the primary goal, but the Golden Globe is related with the personal achievement standards. From 2012 4-1 to 2016 5-4, Messi’s Golden Globe Award number was chased closely by Cristiano Ronaldo, these two people rule the football altar for ten years, will Cristiano Ronaldo tie the score? At least now it seems that the answer is far from being revealed.

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