FIFA 17 Messi Two Goals: Barcelona 7 to 1 Won over Osasuna

Spain local time on the 26th 19:30, 2016/17 season La Liga 34 round focus match started in the Nou Camp stadium, Barcelona 7 to 1 Won over Osasuna at home, Messi, Gomez and Paco Alcácer scored 2 goals, Javier Mascherano also scored his first goal. Barcelona 3 consecutive victories continue to lead the match. Osasuna ahead of four rounds suffered downgrading. Osasuna nearly 10 league against Barcelona at the visiting field but only won one match, during which it only scored 2 goals and lost 34 balls. The two sides played against 73 matches in the history of the league, Barcelona 42 wins and 16 draws and 15 losses, including 28 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses at home. Suarez entered the bench, Javier Mascherano, Dignes, Dennis, Gomez and Turan took turns to play the match. Barcelona in the stands showed a huge banner to commemorate Messi scoring 500 goals in the official matches.


Barcelona at 12th minute took the lead, Fasto returned but Messi took the ball and then formed a single pole, and threw off two guards to make a shoot at 12 yards single-handedly and score a goal. At 30th minute, to expand the score, Rakitić corner melee in the right pass, then Gomez at the first time to shoot at 11 yards and also score a goal, 2-0. At 57th minute again opened the gap, Rakitic took the corner ball, Gerard Piqué at 10 yards made a shot, the ball hit the right column and bounced back, Gomez without being unguarded at 10 yards made a shoot and entered the gate successfully, 3-1. At 62th minute, Raktich passed the ball, Messi broke into the the restricted area and made a successful arc shot , 4-1. At 64th minute, Turan straightly passed the ball to Javier Mascherano, Paco took the ball into the small restricted area and made a successful shot on the right side, 5-1. At 67th minute, Dennis in the right side of the restricted was stumbled by Merida, Javier Mascherano made a successful penalty kick, 6-1. At 86th minute, Dennis straightly passed the ball, Paco went pass Salvatore Sirigu and made a successful shot, 7-1.

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