FIFA 17: Messi Played 184 Less than Raúl But Scored 100 More Goals

Messi also is expanding his own data rule. In the 21 rounds of La Liga, messi breached the athletic bilbao’s door, it was the 328th goals his play in the 366th competition in La Liga on behalf of the Barcelona.

Spain El Mundo Deportivo compared Lionel messi with the former real Madrid captain Raúl, it found that messi played 184 games less than Raúl, but scored 100 more goals than Raúl. Raúl is currently the ambassador for the la liga, and in his career, he scored 228 goals in 550 la liga games.

For the scoring rate calculation, Lionel messi gets averaging 0.896 goals, close to 0.9, and Raúl is averaging 0.415 goals, less than half of that of Messi. In the competition that Barcelona 5-0 won over las palmas, messi scored the team’s second goal, it was also the first time in his career breaching against the door to las palmas. So, Argentina superstar in la liga match has breached 35 different teams doors and he has surpassed JulioSalinas and equalized Raúl.

There are respectively the best strikers in European five big leagues competitions, and the top shooter in the history of the German Bundesliga is gerd muller, who has scored 365 goals in 427 games for the bundeslig. Messi is the player in the history of the La Liga who got the first goal, and scored 328 goals in 366 matches; Serie a’s top shooter is Giorgio Piola, scored 274 goals in 449 games; for the FA Premier League, the top shooter is Alan shearer, scored 260 goals in 441 games. And for the France Ligue 1, the top shooter is Onnes, scored 299 goals in 449 games. If Messi wants to “sweeping Europe”, he needs only surpass Gerd muller, and within a season or two, he is expected to do this, after all, he behind Gerd muller only 37 goals.

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