FIFA 17: Messi Is Evolving to the Perfect

Messi Broke the record again! In the La Liga league matches at last weekend, Barcelona No.10 player directly free kicked to score goals, with 27 goals beyond legend Ronald koeman, and the player who scored goals the most by free kick in the history of Barcelona.

For Messi who broke records for so many times, this is another New achievement. The famous website Squawka also update the data of the classic “messi era” figure: before messi, these records respectively belonged to the great spirit of all stripes; And now they are belonging to Lionel messi. From the amazing transcript that Lionel messi scored 31 goals in 30 club games this season, the record list will only become longer and longer, the above data only will be more and more terrible.

And the more terrible thing is: Lionel messi still is becoming stronger and stronger. Specifically, despite he has become so strong at the moment, he was still in evolution towards a more complete player.

In comparison with cristiano ronaldo, messi’s free kick is once regarded as a relatively short board. But in recent seasons, Messi’s highest free kick scoring rate has made him one of the most brilliant free-kick takers. Whether shooting in each position in the terminal extremely fixed-point or surprisingly rubbing against athletic bilbao last weekend, there is no doubt that messi again has a unique skill that can be dealt with by the opponent’s goalkeeper difficultly. The Daily Sports revealed that in the process of training free kick, messi obtained four people’s directions – Tito Vilanova, deco, Ronaldinho and maradona. maradona provided a guiding ideology to Messi, his advice on Lionel messi is that: “put the ball there, don’t kick the ball so soon, because you don’t try so hard to play, they don’t know how you want to play.” Now messi’s free-kick technique has reached perfection, last season he scored seven free-kick goals, and half way through the season, he scored four goals, too.

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