FIFA 17: Messi Is 9 Goals Away from World Cup

After the victory over Chile, the situation of Argentina in the World Cup qualifier is a lot better. Before the game, Argentina scored 12goals in 19 rounds, and only ranked fifth, only could participate in play-offs. This is the worst result in the same period of the Argentina’s 1998 World Cup qualifier.

But after the victory over Chile, Argentina in the World Cup qualifier South America’s ranking rose to third. In the 13 rounds, Argentina got 6 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses, accumulating 22 goals, and 8 goals behind Brazil, to catch up with, there are some difficulties, but it was just only one goal behind the Uruguay who was ranked top two. Of course, Argentina can not treated it lightly, because they lead the sixth Chile just two goals, accidentally it may fall outside the qualifying line, even the playoffs are not available, the five teams currently ranking in the first 2-6 formed a very brutal melee.

How many goals will the Argentina get if it wants to qualify? Argentina needs to get victory with 6 goals in the remaining two home games, accumulating 28 goals is not so safe at present. For the Argentina’s rivals, the Chilean team follows by Venezuela, Paraguay and Ecuador’s home game, Ecuador will be at home fight against Colombia, Peru and Argentina, if these teams get victory at home, then it is not enough when the Argentina take 28 goals. Blue and White Corps is likely to have to go against Oceania’s New Zealand team.

If Argentina wants to get promotion safely, getting nine goals in the remaining five games is safe. In the five games, including aginst Bolivia in the visiting field, against Uruguay in the visiting field, against Venezuela and Peru at home, against Ecuador in the visiting field, Argentina is better to win 3 games. What you expect for the result? You can check whats the safest website to buy fut coins before you get to know the final answer. Just enjoy.

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