FIFA 17: Barcelona Senior Executive Responded Neymar Provoking Opponents

For a long time, Neymar is one of players who was frequently invaded by opponents, about the topic, Barcelona vice chairman Mestre expressed his opinion, which has caused quite a stir.

In an interview, Barcelona vice chairman Mestre said, Neymar provoked the opposing players for many times, and that is the reason why he was fouled. “

Mestre used a word which is meaning provoking to describe his player, which is not suitable.

After the match between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao, Mestre also accepted an interview, to clarify his remarks before: “they tell me that I use the word that meant provoking, it created a controversy, I mean, Neymar will past the defensive player of the other party, what I said is those things on the football field, so for those people who want to look for dispute, I can assure you there is no dispute.”

“At any time, I don’t want to say the word meaning provocation, we internally felt very satisfied with Neymar, he is a great player, who played so well, including in the aspects of offense and defense, and there are so many movements.” Mestre said.

Barcelona 3:0 won over Athletic Bilbao, the Fans of Camp Nou were unleashing their strong unsatisfactory with the referee and the La Liga league chairman. It is an organized protests, before the competition, the north bank die-hard fans issued an open letter, called to the fans who were on the scene to involve in the protests. Protesting objects in addition to la liga chairman, there is as well as the referees who had made unfair decisions against Barcelona recently.

According to the report from Daily Sports, the main referee González in this competition from the time before the starting of the competition suffered severe hiss. According to the plan, in the 12th minute, the protests on the scene reached its climax. There also showed a banner satirizing to referee, writing: “enough!”

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