FIFA 17: Lionel Messi Is Like a Magician

The champions league knockout stages will be launched in this week, Barcelona is also meeting the confrontation against the old rival of paris saint-germain. And the game for Barcelona defender Lucas Digne, also has different meaning, because it is the first time to play against his former club after his was moving to Barcelona.

For the difference between the two teams, Lucas Digne said: “for me, Barcelona is one of the biggest clubs in the world. What impressed me the most is that it just like a big family, whether you are new or old players, whether you’re working staff and citizens, are very popular. Here the pressure also bigger than before, you must win more trophies, which is exactly what we want to do.”

For barca team-mates, Lucas Digne also has made the evaluation: “our striker (MSN) can always change the game, because we are the best in the world. They are really unbelievable to play the ball, really incredible, they always can make things that make you unexpected. I would be glad to fight together with them.”

For messi, Lucas Digne said: “messi is like a magician, those magical action are very common thing for him, I can’t say his greatness, when compared with us, Lionel messi is just like an alien.”

When asked how to defend Lionel messi in training, Lucas Digne replied: “I always try to push him taking ball with his right foot, but this is a very difficult thing, we always need to arrange a lot of people on defending him.”

Yes, not matter in the eyes of Lucas Digne, for a lot of football fans, Lionel messi is talented, and his excellent performance on the competitions make him a legend. Now let’s look forward to the fantastic competition in the champions league knockout stages.

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