FIFA 17 Halloween Cards – More Introduction

Aiming at celebrating the Halloween holiday, EA has released the new card for FIFA 17, and that is the Halloween Cards, which are introduced to those players who have the great performance in the real world, and also have excellent FUT attributes and records, and they are all releasing in the 23 players single FUT squad for one time.


For the available time of these Halloween Cards cards in packs, it is a week time, that is 7 days starting from the UK time 6pm, and those corresponding regular cards which are not colored are replaced by these cards. That is to say, if you get the Halloween card in packs during that time, you will not able to get other regular card on your packs. And you can use the same way as getting the player’s day 1 card in other time to pull these Halloween Cards.


fifa 17 coins online

fifa 17 coins online

For the price of the Halloween cards, they are expensive in FUT transfer market, and the reasons are as follows: there are a lot of people love collecting these cards, and its discard price is just as the same as those inform cards, and the most important thing is that these cards can fulfill those special squad building challenges. So the FIFA 17 Halloween Cards will be at a higher price at the beginning of when they are released, but will drop finally. As it is promoted in the beginning, those cards prices will drop over time.


And you don’t need to worry about your regular cards will be changed if you have kept them in your packs. But you have to go to the market to buy the corresponding version if you want to update it to a new version, or during that week, you can pull that card from a pack.

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