FIFA 17: Futbol Club Barcelona Was Defeated by PARIS ST GERMAIN in 1/8 UEFA Champions League Final

The worst in the history of the team! Barcelona created the shameful record!

In the first leg of 1/8 uefa champions league final, Barcelona is a surprise and was defeated by PARIS ST GERMAIN with the result of 0:4. And in this game, Catalan team suffered its worst failure in the history of uefa champions league.

With Ángel Di María’s outstanding performance, as well as Julian Draxler and Edinson Cavani scored a goal, PARIS ST GERMAIN got four goals to win outright, and gifted a bitter defeat to Barcelona. In Barcelona’s 118 year’s team history, 0 to 4 is the worst defeat in the score, Barcelona in the champions league last time lost 4 balls, and it was against bayern Munich in 2013.


In Barcelona earlier 223 champions league games, the opponents got 4 goals in a total of six games, respectively A.C. Milan, FC Dynamo Kyiv, València Club de Futbol, Chelsea and bayern, single-game four goals is the highest record to loss goal for Barcelona in the champions league.

In this game, the Luxurious attack group including Messi all performed badly, and the only shooting of Barcelona in the whole game just hit the door frame , and the last time that suffered this kind of situation, it was also back to the game against bayern Munich in 2013.

Defeated in the visiting field with the result of 0:4, this meant that it almost has been knocked out, because in the long course of history of the uefa champions league, there is no team that can complete reversal under the condition of 4-0 defeat in the first leg, never.

In the next leg Barcelona will be back its home field, but what it face will be an impossible task.

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