FIFA 17 Cristiano Ronaldo Hat-trick: 3:0 Won Over Atlético Madrid

In the Champions League semi-finals which ended on Spain local time on 20:45 on 2nd, Cristiano Ronaldo made hat-trick to help Real Madrid win over Atletico. After the game, Cristiano Ronaldo also accepted the media interview, and talked about his action in celebrating in the victory.

In celebrating his goal, Cristiano Ronaldo first used finger to point his mouth, and then stretched out two fingers, then drummed the applause, the celebration action in the eyes of some people seems to be dissatisfied with the fans, indicating that they should close their mouths. “I just want the fans not to hush me, I will do my best in the game.” After three goals in the game, Cristiano Ronaldo will also raise the number of goals in Real Madrid to the 400 ball, for this, Cristiano Ronaldo said: “The whole team should have a good celebration of this victory, because our performance are very fantastic. From the beginning of the game to the end, everyone’s status and performance are very good, my goals then naturally came. Very happy to score three goals in the game tonight, and this is the 400th goal I scored in the team.”

Cristiano Ronaldo also said that although the team’s advantage now is obvious, but they can not take it lightly: “in the first leg to achieve this advantage, it is indeed a good result for the team , but we can not therefore take it lightly, this is not The final result. Atletico is a very powerful opponent, the Champions League semi-final is full of chance, we must take next Wednesday’s game seriously. “For Atletico goalkeeper Oblak, Cristiano Ronaldo said:” When we meet in La Liga, Oblak’s performance is so amazing that we have made a variety of ways to score the goal, but the game is not over, we have a round of the game to play.”

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