FIFA 17: Cristiano Ronaldo (94) Be the Best Player

The famous FIFA 17 has been released for two months now since September 27th in the northern America and September 29th all over the world, and just like the former version, you can play it on a variety of consoles, just as the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox one, Xbox 360 and also the PC console. For the cooperation of the FIFA 17, there is a great improvement, as you could freely control your ball because the Set Pieces has been updated greatly in the FIFA 17, so that you can control all the situation of the ball moments totally. Get cheap Robo fifa 17 coins if you like.


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And in the FIFA 17, with the help of Ball-Handling Skills, the player also could have the experience on the Attack and also can position the ball, and the Penalty Mechanism will use for the FIFA 17. When compared to the fifa games before, you will find that the performance of the team has become much more active because in the new version, there adds a new feature – Active Intelligence System, which has greatly improve the experience of the game.


For the players in the FIFA games, over the past seven years, Lionel Messi (93), the superstar from Barcelona was the best player among all the players, however, now, he is not the best one, because now the top one is Cristiano Ronaldo (94) from Real Madrid, and Lionel Messi (93) ranks top two place, then Messi’s Team-Mate Neymar (92) ranks at the third place. So, the FIFA 17 cover star is not Messi for this time, instead, it is Reus who takes the place. And the branded new FIFA 17 makes so many changes when compared to the FIFA 16. For example, it applies the Frostbite Engine, which has greatly made the improvement on the scene texture. Buy fifa 17 coins right now.

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