FIFA 17: Comparing Cristiano Ronaldo with Lionel Messi

When we mention ronaldo, we all know that his professional ethics and constantly desire to become stronger, his efforts and fighting will and gas field off the court and on the court are highly regarded; But people prefer say more about the changeful outrageous gifts of messi, and talk more about his skill to play gorgeous football, but maybe lack of some “rigidity” and “temperament”. In fact, people often like to emphasize the characteristics tag of a particular star on one hand, and consciously or unconsciously ignoring them on the other hand. Cristiano ronaldo can achieve today’s achievement, only his ardent efforts day after tomorrow must be not enough; Though messi is talent, but to reach the level of today, how can he lack the spirit of keep improving and practice hard? You can use he comparison of cristiano ronaldo, in some ways to find the reason why Messi is not good enough, and he also suffered a lot comparison, blame and criticism without any reasons.


The Golden Ball Awards of Messi are get closed by Cristiano ronaldo, his Argentina has not been able to win the national championship, Messi understand all of these, and that is one reason he continue to improve himself. But honor is not the only reason to improve himself — as a brilliant footballer, he will always keep desire to continue to ascend, it is also true with Lionel messi, even someone put him as the best player in the history. He has not been 30 year old, still has enough time to become a more perfect Lionel messi.

For these two talented football players, which one you like the best, Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? I like Lionel Messi the most, if you want to sign them in FIFA 17 Career, just go here.

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