FIFA 17 Companion App Overview

Maintain the status of the FIFA world 17 ultimate team, EA sports FIFA 17th partner applications.Now no matter at any time, any place where you can manage your ultimate team.


















EA sports football club partner applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone device allows you to access your football club friends, send message list, and keep updating you the east Asia summit club timely news and alerts.fifa 17 coins onlineYou can also access the transfer market, with a loud bang bang your, and buy from the shop in your mobile device with an Internet connection.Using the program can manage a bang 17 teams you have on your PS3, XBox 360, PS4, XBox any one or a computer.


FIFA’s official EA sports club companion after application of 17 to get links, when you make your campaign players get international glory, access to your news of the football club, alert and friends will always application with your partner, fifa 17 coinsyou will never miss an important message from your friend, a bang transferred or sold.Keep the EA sports football club and your world, at home or go outside.


Many people want to confuse the EA sports FIFA (also known as FIFA 17 mobile) and FIFA 17th partner applications.The first allows you to play the game itself.You don’t need to have a console can play it.The second is like the Web applications on mobile devices.This is a common application, it can let you have the opportunity to you on your mobile device management control.It requires you to have an origin account to connect to the FIFA 17th (Xbox, Xbox360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 or computer).

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