FIFA 17 Community First Impressions

EA will turn the web access a bang 16 quickly turned into a bang 17.When this happens, if you try to access the Web application, you will be redirected to an “imminent” page, like this one.This means that your season is about to begin.




















Early access is specifically a bang 16 players have created a security question and answer, in a bang console on August 1, 2016.You have to be there.You will receive a starter package and some welcome package belongs only to you a bang 16 games.On the first day the daily gift will also offer, so the sooner you start, the can win.Don’t forget to visit your application every day.If you miss a package every day.In the beginning, you need all the CARDS you can start your first investment.


When FIFA 17th Web application will be started, in addition to the developers of the game, no one can confirm the FIFA 17th of the Web application release date.It’s hard to find outdated FIFA 17th of the Web application starts, to avoid the server overload, EA sports never announced the release date.But they may be announced a week before the release, but you should try to log in the official website of a day or two days before.


In FIFA’s 14, they closed the web application in between announced on September 11 and 15.EA sports is expected, however, three days.In FIFA’s 15, web application is delayed on September 12 and 18.It should be on the 17th, but postponed because of some problem.Last year, FIFA’s Web application is on September 11th, maintenance, global release from the UK on September 15, 6 PM, two days before the date of the release.

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