FIFA 17: Champions League Cristiano Ronaldo 2 Goals Reversal Real Madrid and Won Over Bayern

Germany local time at 12:45 on the 12th, the UEFA Champions League 1/4 finals first round competed 2 games, Real Madrid in the visiting field 2 to 1 reversal Bayern, ending the fact that Bayern since March 2 last year being unbeaten in the 30 official games at home. Benzema topped the beam, Bidar made record first, but then hit the ball to fly. Cristiano Ronaldo equalized the goal to end of 659 minutes Champions League goal shortage. Martinez got out of the field by two yellow cards, and then Cristiano Ronaldo went ahead score, writing the Champions League scoring record for 98 goals (including 1 goal in qualifying game), and he has become the first player who got 100 goals in the Champions League.


This is the 23rd Champions League confrontation, but also the 17th confrontation of the Champions League since 1992, and made a record. Neuer comeback to replace Ulrich, Levin did not join the game because of the shoulder injury in the League, Muller joined the game as centre forward. Other locations have not changed. Real Madrid Champions League has 11 games against Bayern and lose for nine times, but the last game it won over with the result of 4 to 0, and it was also the miserable defeat of Bayern in the European Champions League at home. Zidane vs. mentor Ancelotti, Najiao replaced Pepe who suffered fracture in Derby warfare, Cross after the transfer to Real Madrid visited to Bayern for the first time.

Real Madrid at the 18th minute almost broke the gate! Cross on the right side passed the ball. Robben at the right side made a low pass, Araba 23 meters in front of his left foot crossed the beam. Bayern in this season Champions League made 6 header and ranked first. Real Madrid since October 2014, the Champions League for the first time was broken the gate by the other side header.

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