FIFA 17: Barcelona Superstar Neymar

Real Sociedad fans’ drums can’t expel the chill over Anoeta Stadium, in close to zero degrees centigrade temperature, however, those Barcelona fans together with the team felt warm, because barca in the evening was over a spell lasted for a long time. And all of this need to thank the team that played seriously, especially Neymar in the field who was full of electric power.

Neymar is a always a player who catches concern all the time. His performance this season was controversial because efficiency is inferior to that of the last two seasons on the pitch, but it must be admitted that the Neymar is that sort of player who never hide on the pitch and he won’t appear lazy, as long as there is a strength, he always asked his teammates for the ball. Neymar wants to become a leading role, he is indifferent to criticism, also don’t care about his opponent’s kicks, the referee’s yellow card as well as his own mistakes. He always wants to have more performance, he is a genius, and also is a superstar.

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In this competition, Neymar in side let the Real Sociedad’s Gorka Elustond taste a rough time. He also created a penalty, he used his unique way for penalty. A thing is just good, and then don’t change it, it was for this principle, Neymar decided to repeat the penalty goal way that he used last week in the competition against athletic bilbao. That is the pause-type goal penalty, suddenly paused after taking run-up to deceive the goalkeeper of the opposite side, then easily got the goal.

After the goal, Neymar has scored eight goals in this season, including 4 balls for La Liga, 2 balls for King’s Cup, 2 balls for champions league, in the aspect of main punishment penalty kick, his efficiency is raised, before adopting the pause-type penalty kick, his last time main punishment penalty kick was in the competition against Manchester city, but the goal was missed.

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