FIFA 17: Barcelona Announced That Suarez Got Injured in Training

Local time on the 25th, Barcelona announced through the official website that the team striker Suarez in the training suffered the right thigh hamstring strain, and is expected to be absent for 15 days. For the injury of Suarez, Barcelona is very calm, first of all because the injury is not serious, in addition, due to a red card in the semi-finals in the King’s Cup, Suarez could not have participated in the King’s Cup final in the weekend. Although theoretically his season has ended in advance, Suarez together with the team participated in the training, but in the local time on the Thursday training, Suarez unfortunately injured.

In this season, Suarez participates in 51 matches, scored 37 goals, among which he scored 29 goals in the league, which was second only to Messi.


This weekend, Barcelona will meet the challenges of Ala Weisibe in the King’s Cup finals, in addition to Suarez, the main right-back Roberto also because of the ban can not take part in it, Arturo Vidalis expected to usher Comeback battle.

Frederick Pena is the manager of the Brazilian star Vinny Hughes that is just acquired by Real Madrid , in accepting the Brazilian “Global Sports” interview, Peña revealed some of the details of joining Real Madrid, he revealed that Barcelona paid him More money, but Vinishius chose Real Madrid. Pena said: “In terms of compensation to the players, the condition that Barcelona offered is better than Real Madrid, but because we reached an agreement with Real Madrid, so do not want to toss at the last moment. If you toss, The relationship is not good between Real Madrid  and us.Many people think that Real Madrid is crazy at offering such a high price, but in fact there are more people who are willing to pay so much higher price for Venusius.

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