FIFA 16 Top 5 Best Teams

As a big fan for FIFA games, you must already play FIFA games for thousands of times. However, do you know which club is the best one when you face many clubs? Or you never think about this question and just select the club you favorite. Today we would like to be your guide and give you a recommendation for the top five best teams in FIFA 16 so that you can make a good decision when choose the club and realize your dream for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. 


First of all, we should understand the importance of club to a game. If you choose the right and suit club, your club will meet your playing style and create much chemistry and have a good cooperation in your whole team. So we would like to recommend the top five best team in FIFA 16 so that you can have a good cooperation in your line-up. Before you choose them, you should know well about their strengths and their weakness. Then keep these things in mind to choose them and give them the suitable position.


The top five best teams for FIFA 16 are Paris Saint Germain, Manchester City, FC Bayern, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The key player for Real Madrid is Cristiano Ronaldo. They own the best players in the game who are good at passing and scoring. What’s more, they have the best center-back and the counter-attacking team. But you should remind that their goalkeeper is not good as the rest of the team. While for the FC Barcelona, the best player if Lionel Messi and they are good at attack in FIFA 16. However, the defense is not as good as midfield and attack. 

After the introduction for these best two teams, do you have any idea to plan your team and choose which position and player for your team. If you need any FIFA 16 coins when you play games, please check to know which is the cheapest fifa coins seller to buy cheap fifa 16 coins and fifa 16 points.


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