FIFA 15: Exhibiting the Red Card of Cheaters

FIFA 15: Exhibiting the Red Card of Cheaters

Hi, fans of FIFA.



With FIFA 15 over the horizon, we would like to spend some time in reminding anyone regarding the principles in the game and introducing some actions that we will be taking to handle cheating in EA Sports activities to you. FIFA titles.



Though they’re a minority among fans of FIFA, cheaters disrupt the experience of gameplay and enjoyment for sincere FIFA supporters within a variety of methods. These involve items including over loading servers, phishing and compromising other accounts of players, and taking part in the virtual currency unauthorised exchange. It is time for us to draw a clear and powerful line towards cheaters who effect the experience of FIFA for our countless gamers on-line.



FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)



The “Bots” Effects on FIFA Ultimate Team.



Besides controlling in exploits of game in FIFA Ultimate Team, cheaters use on line equipment named as “bots” to purchase items off the Transfer Marketplace and farm coins using the intention to promote automatically. These illicit coins are sometimes offered on-line for actual dollars by means of Coin Offering sites.



As the majority of you understand, since on May 9th, 2014, it has been unavailable to trade in the FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM Web App (the on-line web portal for FUT). We decide to deactivate trading of Web App as a result of the extreme Transfer Market place search issues which are brought about by bots of coin-farming.


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