FIFA 15 Emphasizes Players’emotional Intelligence

A point in EA sports series’life cycle is that dashing away from its imitative sports’ reality, this game turns to fantasy, simulated by the need for features new yearly. This game was struck by leading to charge super shots up in the games of old Tiger Woods. FIFA 15 shows a world where football players have “emotional intelligence”. The following trailer outlines that all the following feelings, including anger, alarmed, disgust, sad,calm, neutral, delighted, excited, tired, surprise and happy, can be seen in the players in the next iteration.

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Roberto Soldado shots past the post by poking his toe, and forlornly stared at the missed goal. He says that “Mono no aware”. Commentator Martin Tyler says that it seems that Roberto Soldado could overcame things’ impermanence with a transitory gentle sadness. “he should have used his laces to get through it,”Alan Smith respond.


Play continues, but the defense of Watford are disordered. Joel Ekstrand has experienced sehnsucht’s feeling by sitting over the corner flag for 15 minutes. He loses himself in weathered face and his blue coat, staring at a man in the crowd. He is reminded of a life that he has never lived, and he will never live. His face, which appears the shadow of longing that is hard to describe, is lingered upon by the camera.




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