FIFA 15 Coins Guides: Winning TOTW & Legends Challenge


FIFA 15 Coins GuidesWinning TOTW Legends Challenge

It is quite simple to get coins with TOTW and Legends challenges, just like we play tournament and seasons.


Each week FIFA Ultimate Team assembles the best players from international and club competition around the world. This collection of players is available to challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team. That is TOTW.


If you play against the team of black cards and win, you will have a better chance to get 150 to 1000 FIFA 15 coins. In the same way, if you play in Xbox, you can also challenge a team build by a legend and his team mates. The matches are always played in Single Player mode and you can only get the reward once for each active TOTW / Legend.


You can also study the other team carefully. Bear in mind that you need to know how to choose the difficulty level of the match. It will help you win the challenges easily.


While if you choose a level too easy, the prize will be very low. If you choose a level too difficult, you may never receive any prize. Just start by a lower one if you are not sure which leave is OK. If you actually check that you can win at the top level, give up and go back to play in the correct level. You should take this advice because if you win a match you no longer will be able to get the prize with that TOTW / Legend. This trick will not affect your DNF%.


If you want to use the method well, you should try to win the TOTW every week.


You can challenge any TOTW or Legend you want but you only will get the prize if you win against the active one.


The amount of coins that you can earn depends exclusively on the difficulty level selected for the match:


Amateur – 150 coins
Semi-professional – 250 coins
Professional – 400 coins
Word Class – 600 coins
Legendary – 750 coins
Ultimate – 1.000 coins


If you are really good with FIFA, playing against the TOTW could be fun and you could get a weekly wage. The profits are low but it is a easy method to earn coins.


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