FIFA 15 Account: How to access you PS4 with the new account?


PSN user switch


If you have bought a new game account wiht millions of coins for your console. no need to logout of your current PS4 Account, just create a new user below:


- Push the ‘PlayStation’ button on your Controller to back to the Main Menu.
- Move your cursor to the right corner of the Main Menu. Then select ‘Power’ and press ‘O’ button on your Controller.


- Press ‘O’ button on your Controller to ‘Switch User’.


- Select ‘Create a User’ then ‘Accept’ the PlayStation®4 System Software License Agreement and click ‘Next’ to the next step.


- ‘Sign in’ with the New PSN Account you buy from us.


- Please wait a moment after ‘Sign in’. Then ‘Active’ this system as your primary PS4. click ‘OK’ when the system notices you that your PSN Sign-in information has been stored to your PS4.


- Finally, you will back to the Main Menu to start your game.

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