FIFA 14 Ultimate Team TOTS Release Format Guides

FUT 14 TOTS Release Format Guides

What millions of gamers will be patiently waiting for in the following months can be the final wave of the Team of the Season (TOTS). Some useful suggestions and answers for questions including what the TOTS release format will be, when the in-forms will be available in packs and what gamers can do to make coins will be found here.


Regarding to FUT 13, we will first discuss what the TOTS release format will be.


There’re 10 different squads which featured the best overall performances of the season. In addition to the first release and the overall best players’ weekend release, these 10 squads were divided into leagues and combined with a variety of special pack offers. Remember that EA will never release all the squads at once. Besides, there’s no influence on the TOTW and it still ran as normal.
First TOTS
Format: Silver/Bronze Most Consistent But Never IF
Date: form 6pm (UK time), May 8th 2013 to 5.30pm (UK time), May 15th 2013.


Second TOTS
Format: Gold Most Consistent But Never IF
Date: from 6pm (UK time), May 8th 2013 to 5.30pm (UK time), May 15th 2013.
Rewards: 18 packs inserted into two entire teams concurrently during Week One of TOTS; 36 “premium” informs released
Guides: it’s a week in which gamers were probably better off without spending too much on the special release packs, considering a few big names and the BPL TOTS being released next. The release this week seemed very weak since the top players most likely did have an in-form and players featured could not have had an in-form during the season.


Third TOTS:
Format: Barclays Premier League (BPL)
Date: from 6pm (UK time), May 15th 2013 to 5.30pm (UK time), May 22nd 2013.
Rewards: Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, Sergio Aguero, Juan Mata, David Gerrard, Santi Cazorla and more were featured 750, 000 coins apiece and 18 in packs for a week were available.
Guides: During the whole TOTS, TOTW ran as usual at Wednesday putting 36 total in-forms in packs per week and 54 in week one.


Fourth TOTS
Format: Bundesliga
Date: from 6pm (UK time), May 22nd 2013 to 5.30pm (UK time), May 29th 2013.
Guides: all players were easier to pull from packs since most gamers on a budget had spent their money and coins in the first 2 weeks.


Fifth TOTS
Format: Serie A
Date: from 6pm (UK time), May 29th 2013 to 5.30pm (UK time), June 5th 2013.
Guides: thought having several quality players released, this group was so-so, as this TOTS offering came between the BPL and Bundesliga releases, and the upcoming La Liga release.


Sixth TOTS
Format: Ligue 1
Date: from 6pm (UK time), June 5th 2013 to 5.30pm (UK time), June 12th 2013.

Seventh TOTS
Format: Benelux (Eredivisie & Belgian Pro League)
Date: from 6pm (UK time), June 7th 2013 to 6pm (UK time), June 10th 2013.
Guides: the Eredivisie/Pro League release was “land-locked” inside the Ligue 1 release. Which made the “Benelux” TOTS was unspectacular. Besides one unbelievable silver CB Kouyte having 87 pace, 80 defense and 84 heading, it would prove to be the most desired Silver issue ever.

Eighth TOTS
Format: Marca La Liga (BBVA)
Date: from 6pm (UK time), June 12th 2013 to 5.30pm (UK time), June 19th 2013.
Guides: It’s a release that proved to be a near replica of the earlier TOTY release which was all BBVA except for Thiago Silva. Comparing to the TOTY cards, the TOTS counterparts remained the higher rated cards. Looking at players taking both TOTY and TOTS issues including Falcao, Messi and Ronaldo, the previously released TOTY cards were superior in every single in-game statistic.

Ninth TOTS
Format: EASFC
Date: from 6pm (UK time), June 21st 2013 to 5.30pm (UK time), June 23rd 2013.
Guides: it’s a compilation of all of the best TOTS players re-released and a chance to get them in packs for one more weekend.

Tenth TOTS
Format: MLS All-Stars
Date: from July 31st 2013 to 5:30pm (UK time), August 7th 2013.
Guides: it’s not a very newsworthy end to the TOTS releases.

There’s no doubt that gamers can still expect something similar this year running from May to June. With the football season coming to a close, TOTS 14 is exactly what FUT 14 needs to bridge the gap between the end of FIFA in 2014 and the start of 2015!

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