FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: Tips to Defend Corners

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tips to Defend Corners

Before a game, it may be a good idea to head to the team management screen and set auto-switching to air balls, whilst moving assistance to low. By doing this, the closest player will be auto-selected when a cross comes in to give you the best chance of challenging for the ball. This will also give you more time to adjust your player’s position as you will not have to spend time manually switching to the right player. Be careful not to press LB with auto-switching enabled as this will deselect the player nearest to where the ball is heading.



Find your tallest player and pair him with the biggest heading threat on the opposing team. This may be the tallest opposition player or a player you know is dangerous in the air. The alternative is to place this player on the edge of the six-yard box to intercept low crosses before they become a problem.



It is tempting to look at the mini-map and think about a possible counter-attack, but it is always better to focus on defending the corner initially. You may have a striker in lots of space but it will not benefit you if your opponent scores due to your lack of defensive focus. When the cross does come in, use LS to get your defender goal-side and ahead of an attacker followed by the shoot button (B) for a sturdy clearance.



Darren Cross from Match Magazine shares in the Boot Room how to defend corners in FIFA 14 .



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