FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tips : Advanced Right Stick Moves

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Tips Advanced Right Stick Moves

Here are five techniques for using the right stick to help you beat defenders.

Double Knock-On

It’s a favorite right stick move yet other players rarely see it, possibly because not everyone knows how to do it or why it’s so useful.

The double knock-on is when you push the ball out of your feet much harder than usual, so that it travels further away than a regular knock on with the right stick. It’s a fantastic tactic if you’re dribbling with a fast player but about to come into contact with a stronger defender who will be able to shrug you off the ball using his power – going for a double knock-on here means you can accelerate without the ball at your feet, making use of your pace and avoiding any contact.

You can also use it to push the ball through gaps in defenses or in just about any situation where there’s space ahead of your player and you want to use his speed to your advantage.

How to?

While running and holding down the right trigger, quickly push the right stick once in the direction you want to burst then immediately push it in the same direction again and keep it held down. This will work in any direction you want to go.

Standing Push

To avoid being tackled by an incoming defender when receiving a pass under pressure is very helpful.

It’s a quick push of the ball to take it out of your feet and away from the defender, who hopefully won’t be able to change direction fast enough to recover and make a challenge because of his momentum. When well-timed it’s really difficult to stop and can buy you that extra few yards of space you need to escape the pressure and continue with your attack.

How to?

As you’re about to receive a pass, hold the right trigger down and press the right stick in the direction you want to push the ball. Again you can do this in any direction you like, so try to aim for the biggest gap.

Stride Flick

Sometimes you can play a through ball and think your striker is through on goal, then he takes a poor first touch that slows him down a little and the defender catches up. It happens in the game just as it happens in real football, but there’s something you can do to give yourself a better chance of getting away.

How to?

Just before your player takes his first touch on the ball, hold the right trigger and flick the right stick in the direction you’re going. One push of the right stick will knock it just ahead, but you can also use a double knock-on here if there’s loads of room for you to move into.

Sharp Turn

This is another handy little move you can use to catch your opponent out.
In FIFA 14 you can turn very sharply while sprinting using just the left stick, but if you use the right stick to turn you’ll push the ball slightly further away, which is again useful for moving into gaps between defenders.

How to?

While sprinting with the right trigger held down, push the right stick towards the space you want to move into.


This is what I used to score the goal I mentioned earlier. In that instance the ball came to my player at the perfect height for an overhead flick, but there are many other ways this one can work and the kind of flick your player goes for will depend on the height he receives the ball. If it’s a low pass, for example, then he may try to just nudge it past a defender before turning.
The key to this one working is timing, the position of the defender – ideally he’ll be close so you can flick it past him – and a little bit of luck. This one doesn’t work every time, but when it does come off it looks great and can produce spectacular results.

How to?

With your back to a defender, simply hold the right trigger down and flick the right stick in the opposite direction to the way your player is facing as you receive the ball.




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