FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins Guides:Time Method

To make best use of the time method, players should know the best times to buy and sell. As we all know, there are hours of the day when the cards’ offer and demand vary, also events that may change the behavior of the market. Here are so tips to identify these events and what influence they have on the cards’ prices.

FIFA 14 ultimate team coins guides

Days of the Week

Sunday, Saturday and Monday are the three days of the week when the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market has the highest traffic which is great to buy but also to sell. Most of players do not find since cards for sale with high quantity since they do not refresh the page fast enough.Just fill transfer targets list with cards to sell before the weekend.

The start and the end of the Game

The FIFA 14 Ultimate Team launch is the best time to great make profits, since the market is changeable. Prices of different cards during that period are not very large different. The prices of lower rated cards are inflated while the top players are cheap since there is not much money in circulation. For example, if having the luck of buying a Messi card in the early days, players can sell it at a price of almost ten times higher than purchase one month later.




The next-gen consoles release

Let’s take PS4 and Xbox One as examples. With PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released, numerous new FUT players, who barely know the market and have fewer interests in trading, will join in the game, meaning profits will come. The last days of November are a good time to take full advantage of some bargains.


A new TOTW (Team of the Week) become available at 6pm of London the time f GMT, every Wednesday. Prices of regular card will decrease whenever its In-Form version is launched in the most recent TOTW, because there are many gamers are trying to sell the NIF to buy the improved cards. If owning one of these regular cards just to sell it as soon as possible. If gamers are sure that a particular player will be the next TOTW, wait a few more days to be able to buy his regular card cheaper.


During such exiting times many FUTers buy packages to try their luck and most of them have to sell their cards to get enough coins for the investment. All FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cards will suffer a considerable price reduction.


Usually in January or February, the rating and the attributes of a player are revised upwards, which will lead to a strong devaluation for its previous regular card. Price decreases even more greatly if a UP card launched for a player who has an IF card.


If a player moves to a more popular club or league, the price of its new card will be higher. Otherwise, it will be lower. The old card will become gradually rare as it will be not available for packages anymore, so its price will increase increasingly.

New IF

Every time a new IF card is released for a player who already has one, the earlier versions become devalued.


When it happens, prices go down because many players put on sale the cards that they received in the packages.

Happy Hours

In Happy Hours special packages are put on sale, increasing exponentially the number of sales and prices reach the lower values returning to its normal.


In the early hours of a tournament and in the first hours after it, the average cards’ prices usually change a lot. The higher the value of the prize, the greater the changes will be. For example: if the tournament requires silver players, the trend is to have many people buying silver players at the beginning of the tournament and discarding them at bargain prices at the end of it.

IRL Performance

What happens in IRL (In Real Life) affects the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team market greatly. Players’ good performances in big matches increase the number of people who want to play with them and consequently their prices increase in the market.


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