FIFA 14 Ulitmate Team Tips: How to Beat Your Marker

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If a defender is right on top of you, hold RB when receiving a pass to allow the ball to go through your legs and past the defender. After this, you can run onto the loose ball or intercept it with another player, but if it is not used sparingly then your opponent may start to anticipate this move. Try running onto the ball and then spinning the opposite way to run into space.



Running towards the direction that the ball has come from, can result in a defender following you and creating space behind them.



You can then play into the space left behind by the defender. Press LT on its own to protect the ball, then turn and spin in the opposite direction to the defender to run into space. Mix up your play to be as unexpected as possible. Use the first time flick to create space by holding RT and flicking the right stick into the direction you want to run as you receive the ball.




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