FIFA 14 now available for Windows Phone 8


According to EA SPORTS, a native version of FIFA 14 has finally arrived on the Windows Phone Store, meaning that Windows Phone 8 eventually becomes available for performing FIFA 14.



For those who even don’t know or just hear little about FIFA game, here is a brief introduction. As a popular football game, FIFA 14 allows players to earn and trade or buy and sell player cards in the Transfer Market to build a fantasy football team, just like what we can do in the real life. Players can custom pick their play styles (Career Mode, for example), formations, kits and more, then compete in tournaments to earn FIFA Coins which can be used to purchase new players and whatever they need. Titled as “the most authentic football game on Windows Phone 8″, the new FIFA 14 features 34 leagues, as well as 600 licensed teams and 16,000 players, which enable gamers to feel the excitement of every pass, shot and tackle with new touch controls of “real players, real teams and real leagues”.



Now, users are able to grab FIFA 14 free of charge by in-app purchases just like purchasing packs. Remember that gamers may enable or disable in-app purchases through the Kids Corner section of your Windows Phone addictions, for those who are the first time to apply the game, they can listen to commentaries in a variety of languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish.



In fact, Microsoft has already posted in Windows blog on Friday that FIFA 14 brings real players, real teams and real leagues right to gamers Windows Phone where they can use touch controls to pass, shoot, and tackle right on the field in stadiums from around the world.



Developed and published by EA in September of 2013, the sports association football game FIFA 14 has been released for platforms including PlayStation 3/4, Xbox One/360, Nintendo, Wii, iOS, Android and Windows. But now it’s added to work on Windows Phone. Those versions, which feature an engine called Ignite Engine, have landed with some graphical and game-play changes.


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