Enjoy the 2014 FIFA World Cup on your console

Enjoy the 2014 FIFA World Cup on your console

With the 2014 World Cup less than one month away, billions of fans across the world will begin making preparations to immerse themselves in the euphoria of the most prestigious tournament in football. Although certain fans may be fortunate enough to afford the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to the World Cup in Brazil to watch the action unfold, there are many others who will show their support from home through watching every game, purchasing national team merchandise, and putting up flags and banners across every town and city.



Being glued to the television set in your home or local pub is the best way to take in the excitement, tension and drama of Brazil 2014, although passionate fans may be left without a fix of World Cup action between each game.Reading up on the latest World Cup news allows fans to keep bang up to date with everything happening on and off the pitch, but taking control of your country and leading them to glory is the perfect way to pass the time. EA Sports have developed a unique spin-off from the hugely popular FIFA games series, with the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil title putting your country’s hopes in your hands through a beautiful replication of the quality of football and carnival atmosphere that will be prominent in the real tournament this summer.





EA have decided to go in a different direction for this summer’s World Cup, as the 2012 European Championship was covered by downloadable content which complimented the original FIFA games to provide gamers to enjoy the special game mode. It did not receive as much acclaim and success as EA had hoped, with gamers not taking to new content that, on the face of it, was not entirely different from the original FIFA 12 gameplay. They reverted back to the stand-alone title format that made the 2010 World Cup South Africa game popular; the 2014 World Cup version has been exclusively released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but will not be made available on the next generation consoles or PC.



The gameplay is based upon the exact game engine and physics that were used to create FIFA 14 which remains a big hit within the gaming community. There are many subtle changes which are instantly apparent when playing the game, such as different ball control physics that allow players to take the ball with their stride with the flick of the right analogue stick in the direction you are running. Gamers can also utilise a new distraction system that allows goalkeepers to make certain movements in an effort to put off the penalty taker and make them miss.



Other impressive features includes cut-scenes to see the managers react on the touchline during the game, the fans in the stadium get behind their team and unique footage of fans watching in a pub back home; it perfectly re-creates the passion and atmosphere created during a major international tournament. More importantly, EA have worked closely with FIFA and the Brazilian FA to not only perfectly replicate each official strip that will be worn during the 2014 World Cup, but also design each official stadium within a virtual world that contains every intricate detail and feature.



Game Modes


The considerable success enjoyed by the FIFA games series is the number of game modes available to football fanatics and gaming enthusiasts. Numerous online and offline modes provide endless hours of fun that captures the drama of leading a country to glory at the World Cup, or recreate the entire experience of qualifying and then going all the way to the Final in Brazil to enjoy a fairy-tale story. The latter is available through the Road to the FIFA World Cup mode where fans of every country who participated during the qualifying stages can take control and change the course of history in a virtual world and lead a country, whether it is Poland, Canada or Guinea, to the 2014 World Cup.



Gamers can skip straight to playing the FIFA World Cup which is officially licensed to provide every group as they appear in real life and take control of one of the thirty-two participating teams in the hope of lifting the famous trophy. Captain Your Country also returns as a popular feature, with gamers able to create their pro and having to impress as a young prospect to feature during the qualification stages with the hope of receiving the captain’s armband as a proud moment in your career. It can be made all the more worthwhile if you lead your country to glory at the World Cup and see your pro lift the famous trophy aloft. Story of Qualifying and Story of the Finals are unique game modes that provide a multitude of real-life situations from the history of the World Cup, where gamers have to complete certain objectives in order to win XP points and achievements. The Finals mode is regularly updated by EA to provide gamers with the ability to change history, or replicate real-life scenarios under a certain difficulty level that is likely to test their FIFA-playing skills.



Every FIFA game is made vastly popular by a successful online mode, with Road to Rio de Janeiro allowing gamers to compete against each other in an online tournament where they must progress through the twelve official World Cup venues. It follows the same format as Seasons on FIFA 14 where gamers would try to progress through ten divisions in order to reach the top.



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