EasyFifaCoins.com Purchase Guide – How to Buy Coins Instantly


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Web App is down currently, so the automated system doesn’t work at present. But EasyFifaCoins.com will always try the best to deliver coins to our customers at the fastest speed. Some customers ask us why the minimum amount is 1000k now. It is set to speed delivery up. Several tips will make your player be bought faster.


1. List your player before placing your order. (After you placed your order, we will try to find your player immediately. If you haven’t listed your player in advance, we can’t find your player, then, you can’t receive coins quickly.)
2. Give us the FUll NAME of your player. (Some gamers like to send them the short name of the player card. Actually it is harder to find the player, even sometimes the player can’t be found.)
3. Set the Remaining Time as 3 days. (In case EA is in maintenance, you need time to finish verification, coins are sold out, etc.)
4. Listing a Bronze Player will speed up the delivery!


If you haven’t received your coins in 24 hours, please contact their Live Chat, which is in the lower right corner of the HOME.

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