EA will close FIFA World Servers on 14th of July




EA have deciede to close the servers for free-to-play FIFA World on 14th of July. Here is what EA explained:
“After a beta of nearly 18 months, an enormous amount of feedback and some great times with our players, we just didn’t have the momentum to bring the game to a full commercial launch. It’s a tough decision, but we believe ultimately the right one, that we stop development on the game.”
That means you are no longer able to buy FIFA points from FIFA World. Just spend your current available points you have ASAP.
It’s an interesting move, especially considering that various execs at EA have been vocal regarding free-to-play, or rather free-to-start, being the future of videogames and, love it or hate it, FIFA (especially FUT) could fit that model quite well. Maybe it’s just that the beta has served it’s purpose and so they’ve canned it and we’ll see the results of the feedback and experience gained elsewhere in the future.
FIFA World isn’t the only F2P EA title facing the chop, also set to close on the same date are Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free and Need for Speed World.
“Once again, we thank everyone who participated in the FIFA World Beta. Our team is proud of what we have achieved with this game and we’re not done looking at new ways to bring new FIFA experiences to players around the world.
FIFA World development team”

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