EA Released FIFA 18 Latest News: Career Model Trailer Released And Cristiano Ronaldo Participated in Action Capture

EA released the related information of the football game “FIFA18″, in addition to announced the career mode prevue, but also announced more details on the switch version, the game will be landed on host and PC platform on September 29. EA officially announced the “Madden football 18″, “Battlefield 1″, after that, it announced the latest news of the FIFA 18 which has a broad masses of the foundation. “FIFA18″ will bring a more realistic football game experience, from the player’s style details, stadium atmosphere and the latest dynamic technology, will ensure that bring the best gaming experience; In addition, there are the best Players to help the game development in “FIFA18″, including Cristiano Ronaldo ( all the action of Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 18 is captured by himself). At the same time EA also announced the “FIFA18″ career model, career model hero Alex Hunter was the protagonist of “FIFA 17″ career model, he will return in FIFA 18.

Subsequently, EA also announced more details of the Nintendo switch version of “FIFA18″, perhaps subject to the skills limit, Switch version of FIFA 18 is not built by the frost engine, but also does not contain the game’s career model in The Journey 2 campaign. In addition, the Switch version of the game in the content is the same as other versions. In the picture, the game in the Switch version of the TV mode is 1080P resolution, in handheld mode is 720P resolution. The Switch version of the game also supports the game’s desktop mode for using the Joys-Cons handle, single Joys-Con and Pro handle to play.

“FIFA18″ plans landing PC / XboxONE / PS4 and Nintendo switch four platforms on September 29. The landing of the PC platform “FIFA18″ will include the standard version, Ronaldo version and Icon version. Standard Edition priced at 60 euros;Ronaldo version and Icon version priced at 80 euros and 90 euros, pre-order players can play FIFA 18 three days in advance (September 26).

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