Detailed introduction to the new content of Fifa 21 pro clubs

Pro Clubs has been a popular game mode for players since its launch. EA SPORTS has also been working hard to absorb feedback and suggestions from the community in order to provide players with a better gaming experience. Two new functions have been added to the professional club this year: VP villain personalization and tactical settings

 AI Pro

AI player custom settings

This is a brand new feature launched this year, allowing professional club managers to customize the AI players in the team. Players can find a new tile in the “Management” interface of the professional club. Managers can customize the names, appearances, and jerseys of 20+ AI players in the team.

The club can customize the players in all formations and positions in the game. All club members can find this tile and can view all custom AI players, but only club managers can edit AI players.

Professional club managers will be able to define the following:

Name (first name/surname/nickname/commentary words/shirt name)

Jersey number

Birth (date/country/region)

Dominant foot

Face shape








Facial hair

Jersey fit

Equipment (gloves, sneakers, wrist guards, elastic bandages)

Movement (running posture, celebration movement)

Team tactics

Now, club managers can customize up to five preset tactics. This part of the settings can be found under the “Management” interface of professional clubs. Each preset tactic can be customized for all five game tactics (full defense, defense, balance, offense, and full offense). Club managers can choose one of five tactics from the tactics page to start customizing settings. Choose and customize the game strategy to match the team characteristics or unique game style. New custom AI players will also appear on the tactical menu. Club managers can set instructions for AI players to ensure that they can conform to the team’s game style.After the player completes the settings in the “Tactics” menu under the “Management” interface, they can go to the game lobby of the professional club and choose one of the five new preset tactics just set.

This will allow players to load custom tactical presets, complete with different friends, or adjust strategies based on which members can compete. In this way, you can try new tactical settings with custom AI players and club companions on the court.If the player just wants to quickly enter the professional club game, and only want to change the formation, you can still customize the club’s formation instead of tactics. This can be found in the first tactical option in the game lobby, as shown in the picture below.The above is all the content of this year’s FIFA 21 Pro Clubs professional club mode update. After that, we will also bring about the career mode and VOLTA’s new changes in street football this year. Please follow the Feihua website and official Weibo for the latest FIFA information.

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