Cristiano Ronaldo Was Crowned the La Liga Penalty Kick

For the league competition, cristiano ronaldo cannot miss it, in this evening, the Portuguese star returned back to the starting lineup of the real Madrid, against the Sevilla for the first time in this season. In this season Real Madrid competed against sevilla for 4 times, but in the first 3 competitions, cristiano ronaldo did not attend, in spite of Sevilla FC is one of the victim that he likes the most. In European super cup, ronaldo was also on the sidelines, the battle over two legs in the king’s cup, ronaldo has chosen the rest. But in important league game, cristiano ronaldo finally turned out, recently in a month he only played one competition, and his fitness should not be a problem.

But in this competition, cristiano ronaldo did not get too many chances. The 30 yards free-kick shot of the Cristiano ronaldo after the opening was blocked off directly. Then Toni Kroos passed the ball, cristiano ronaldo shooting on the left side of the forbidden zone was saved by Fran Rico. In the 40th minutes cristiano ronaldo missed the best chance, Karim Benzema pitching-in on the left side of the forbidden zone with low pass, but cristiano ronaldo shoot not in the right direction even though he was from 10 yards without any defensive.

In the 67th minutes, cristiano ronaldo finally scored a goal, but thanked to the penalty kick created by Dani Carvajal. When Sergio Escudero returned the ball with error, Dani Carvajal slipped the ball into the forbidden zone right side but fell down by the attacked Fran Rico, and the referee decisively judged the capital punishment. But before the penalty kick, the players still had small-scale conflict. At that time, the sevilla players Machín Pérez intentionally in the penalty area destroyed the grass, it is not so much in order to increase the difficulty of the penalty kick for cristiano ronaldo, deliberately provoked cristiano ronaldo, Machín Pérez also conceded the point after the competition: “cristiano ronaldo’s penalty imposed on very well, we must try to let his state get unbalance. It’s only a game.”

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