Cristiano Ronaldo: I Have Been the Best in the World Long Ago

In the past year, cristiano ronaldo won a lot, and he won numerous champions with personal honor, but in his view, for the new season he still has ambitions to compete for the new champion. Ronaldo said: “I dream of becoming the best in the world, now I realize this dream. I said it for so many times before, this year could be the best year in my career. Together with Portugal and wining the European champions, this is the height of my career. This is the first time of Portugal, which in 2016 became very special. But together with real Madrid we won the champions league in 2016, and then we ended this year at the club World Cup and this is the best way to say goodbye to 2016.”




About the criticism from the public, ronaldo said: “I have no doubt, I’m already a part of the history of football. This has been my important goal, since I play: do not limit to become a player, to become a player, to continuously become the world’s best player. And I’ve done it: And the champion proves this. Whether it’s champion, individual awards or record, they are the same.” “To win the FIFA world player of the year, it’s my pleasure. Becoming the first player to win the award, the feeling is very special. People can see it, when in the European Cup Final, on the pitch I was also so nervous, those pictures showed everything. It’s a fantastic day.”


About the year of 2017, ronaldo said: “now there are many challenges, there are many champions to fight for, and I still need to score goals.” We all believe that the in the new year, cristiano ronaldo will bring us more and more outstanding performance. Let’s keep expecting.

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