Cristiano Ronaldo Domineering Speech: Take Evidence If You Defame Me

The most big prize of the Dp world award was awarded to cristiano ronaldo, the best player. Having been rewarded for three times, he has became the legend of this award, at the awards ceremony, the host and cristiano ronaldo was in the attachment, drawing a satisfactory full stop for this year of 2016 by cristiano ronaldo himself. (If you cannot wait buying fifa ultimate team coins, just click it to enjoy 25% off deals.)


Host: cristiano ronaldo, this is perfect year for you, now you get the best awards of global award again, can you tell us what award don’t you have until now?


cristiano ronaldo (laughing) : like what I said before, this is a fantastic year.Individual, collective, are by far the most successful year. We won the champions league, won the first European championship, as reward of patience, I also won the Golden Ball Award, and even the Club World Cup, what more can I demand?




People are still in doubt on me, question real Madrid, question my national team, you need to take out some evidence, we won the all! I’m so happy, today I want to thank my teammates at real Madrid and the national team, and my coach in the national team santos. We can win this trophy, he is the best coach in the world.


I am very happy, this is an incomparable year. Individual and collective, we always want to do the same thing (the title), but it is almost impossible. But every year is a new challenge for me. I will always try my best.


Yes, of course, year after year, I try to maintain 100% of my body status, to make every moment of the day in the top ranks. In the past these years, this is the source of my confidence over these years. Over the years have passed, I still here, into the ball that should be into, do everything I should do, I can get the champion. This is my ideal life, I am proud. I stay for ten years, this is my source of power.

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