Crazy Cristiano Ronaldo: Got 16 Important Individual Awards in 1 Year!

At the end of 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo won ” IFA Ballon d’Or” and ” Globe Soccer “, before that, he has been rated as ” UEFA Best Player in Europe Award”, and now it has just started in 2017, he won the FIFA’s award for “best player”.

Cristiano ronaldo said, the past 2016 is the best year of his career: “if you ask me, I will say that the past year of 2016 is the best year in my career. I believe I can get this award, I never doubt that.. No matter from the personal perspective or team perspective, the year of 2016 is very great, thank you very much for voting for me, I will never forget this year, thank you very much for all of you, it’s a pity that some people can’t be at the scene. “


Since 2016, because of the outstanding athletic performance, cristiano ronaldo constantly took all kinds of trophies. Last year he won the 15 individual awards, and he also continued the success of 2016 to the year of 2017, he won the FIFA trophy FIFA World Player of the Year. And like the ” Globe Soccer “, cristiano ronaldo also defeated Lionel messi and Antoine Griezmann.

In addition to the individual awards, ronaldo in 2016 also won the UEFA Champions League, European champions, European super cup and club World Cup champion. In addition cristiano ronaldo is also the best shooter of UEFA Champions League in last season, and also ranked the top position in the list of best shooters in La Liga. He trained so hard to get his success now, and we believe that his career in this year will also become better and better. Let us look forward to his outstanding performance in the following matches. And just get cheap fifa coins to open more packs about cristiano ronaldo.

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