Comfort Buy/Coins Recharge Guides: How to Get Coins Faster?


Comfort BuyCoins Recharge Guides How to Get Coins Faster

In fact, it is not the fastest and safest way to buy coins. But only this way, you can buy coins without selling players.


With this method, coins website need to login your game account then transfer coins you want with their Transaction System directly.


Here are some useful guides to help you get your coins faster with Comfort Buy/Coins Recharge method.


1.Keep your Club at least 50k coins available.

Let us begin with how this method actually works. Just like Player Auction, coins websites transfer or Recharge coins to your Club with selling and buying players themselves again and again until they get coins you buy on the Club. While the only difference is that you do not need to do that yourself or selling your players.


If you have more than 50k coins on your Club, it means they can repeat the ‘Buy Low and Sell High’ less than those who have no coins available. It will faster your coins transfer and delivery.


2. Turn Off Email/Phone Login Verification

It is very important. Just remember that coins websites need to login your account (FUT and Console Account) to transfer coins.


If EA detects your account login a distrust console and device, you will be asked to enter the 6-digit Security Code sent to your registered Email to verify and confirm your operation.


Just turn off the login verification so that coins websites can login your account freely.


Here are the steps:
Turn Off the Login Verification:
***Go to – Log in with your Origin Account/PSN Account.
***Click: My Account – Privacy Settings – Security – Turn Off ‘Login Verification’.

Delete Billing Information:
***Go to – Sign in with your PSN Account.
***Click: Account Management – Account – Billing Information – Delete.


Do not forget to turn on the login verification once you get your coins!


3. Verify Your Account

After you enter your account email and password, you will be asked to verify your account first. So that the coins websites can detect whether the details you offer are correct or not.


They need to login your account with the sign-in email and password! Incorrect details will delay coins delivery.

4.Offer Correct FUT Security Answer

Coins websites need to login their console and device with your account, which means your account will be used on an distrusted device. Then they will be asked to offer your FUT security answer 100% correctly. Or will be failure to transfer coins you want.


Remember that EA only give us 5 times to try. If the coins websites try to enter your FUT security answer incorrectly 3 times or more, your FUT account will be locked. They have no rights to unlock your FUT account, but you.


If you are unsure or forgot your password or your FUT account has been locked, just reset your fut security answer immediately.


Click to reset:

5. Contact Live Chat after Checkout (Confirm Account)

After you check out successfully, you will be prompted to a checkout page where you can check your order ID and Status. Of course, you can also check your order detail in your Email.


Just come to the Live Chat ASAP to confirm whether the account details (Password, FUT Security Answer and coins on your Club) your offer are correct. Or coins delivery will be delayed to a few days.

6.Do not login Account till Order Finished

Please do not login your FUT and console during the purchase and service until you are told that your order is finished. Or coins websites will be no longer to login your account successfully.


Generally, you will get your coins in 24 hours if you can offer the details required correctly. Just check your email to confirm when your order will be finished.


7. Ask Live Chat for Help

The fastest way to get help when order delayed is come to Live Chat. We are not suggest you to social media for help. It takes too much time.



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