Champions League Final: Cristiano Ronaldo = King of the Champions League and 4-1 Won over Juventus

Real Madrid 4-1 won over Juventus and won the Champions League for two consecutive years, in Cardiff night when creating the history, Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly the most dazzling star. The Champions League final, Real Madrid, is such as the whirlwind as unstoppable, Cristiano Ronaldo also scored twice and the performance surpassed over Messi, and got the Champions League gold boots this season. After scoring two goals in the Group match against Lisbon and Dortmund, Cristiano Ronaldo was plunged into the goal lack, and Messi also with 11 goals temporarily summited the Champions League top scorer. In the time when all the people are not optimistic about Cristiano Ronaldo, in the 1/4 final against Bayern he began to break out, the first leg scored twice, sub-round hat trick, and scored 5 goals in 2 matches. In the Semi-final against Atletico, he played hat trick in the first leg, in 2 round knockouts he caught up with Messi with only 1 goal behind Messi.


Before the Champions League final Real Madrid against Juventus, Messi has got the La Liga and King’s Cup gold boots, only need to get the Champions League gold boots, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s two goals in the final let Messi’s dream to achieve Grand Slam broken. And this Champions League gold boots, but also is one of the gems of the king of the Champions League inlaid on the crown. Cristiano Ronaldo’s first goal of the game is Real Madrid’s first 500 goals in the Champions League history, he also became the first player creating record in Champions League final following by Mazola and Rott. In addition, each time Cristiano Ronaldo against Juventus has scored goals (7 goals in 5 games), and he has became the Buffon’s nemesis. He was the first player in the history who has scored goals in the three Champions League finals. He scored four goals in the Champions League final, tied Puskas, second only to Alfredo Di Stéfano (7 goals).

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