Brazil government promises security for the FIFA World Cup

Brazil government promises security for the FIFA World Cup

The Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff confirmed that the official government will ensure security in the FIFA World Cup which will launch in 12 Brazilian cities in June.



As reported, the Brazil government has beefed up security for the World Cup and any violent episodes will not be allowed to disturb the tournament during the period of FIFA World Cup.



Rousseff said Wednesday that the authority had improved their security tremendously to ensure every detail should be concerned. With the armed forces participating, the government will use the Federal Police and the Federal Highway Police and have partnerships with all state governors. The declaration underlining the security measures was first released in a meeting of the Council for Economic and Social Development, in Brasilia.



Moreover, the federal government will not agree with any kind of violence and the country will not let the World Cup be contaminated. It is not just an important moment of Brazil, but also the world, Rousseff added.



In fact, earlier last year, hundreds of millions of Brazilians went on the streets in June to protest against the country’s poor public services, including health care and education, corruption in politics, and high expenses for the World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics, which will take place in Rio.



The protests occurred during the FIFA Confederations Cup. Importantly, many of them took place in the vicinity of the stadiums even on game days. Most protests featured conflicts between protestors and the police. What is more, the local officers were often accused of abuse and excessive violence in their actions.



Believe it or not, the forthcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil this year, to some extent, can be a significant opportunity to witness the executive ability and concept of the Brazil government. Maybe, the Brazilians are looking forward to seeing how the government perform and show themselves.

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