Borussia Dortmund Julian Weigl Initiatively Shows Interests in Real Madrid

According to the AS report in Spain, the Germany player Julian Weigl has recommended himself to the high level manager of the Real Madrid through his agent. The 21-year-old borussia Dortmund midfielder is full of yearning signing for real Madrid. Real Madrid as a matter of fact also has inspected him for a period of time, and the technology department has already in the notebook marked his name in red circle. Coaches think Julian Weigl will become one of the best midfielders in Europe, but also clearly know that it is not only the Real Madrid that this player is now interested in. Check out fifa coins for sale to save more online.


Previously, the AS newspaper had reported that Barcelona and Manchester city are in pursuit of this player whose various aspects are very similar with Sergio Busquets. Barcelona and Manchester city this summer will show invitation to Julian Weigl. The question now is Julian Weigl shortly before just signed the continuous contract with borussia Dortmund until 2021.

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Even though the agent of Julian Weigl has recommended him to the Real Madrid, the high level manager of Real Madrid also thought that this operation of transfer is much more suitable to finish in the summer of 2018, not in this year’s summer. At present, there is only Casemiro in Real Madrid as important defending midfielder, but the club has the rights to take back Marcos Llorente, the latter has been on loan in Deportivo Alavés and has the outstanding performance, and also is expected to return to the club after June 30th. Real Madrid only lack of backup location can also be strengthened. In this way, the Santiago Bernabéu Stadiumcan wait the joining of Julian Weigl quietly.


It is worth mentioning that real Madrid’s plan is consistent with that of Julian Weigl, Julian Weigl would also like to stay at borussia Dortmund next season, in order to continue to grow. Also what is good for real Madrid is that, the same as the transfer of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, real Madrid in talks with borussia Dortmund has priority, because florentino has a great relationship with the high level manager of borussia Dortmund.

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