Last year, we have known that there was an insignificant crash in the FIFA industry during the period of Cyber-Monday and Black Monday, and the reason is that there launched the variable FUT UNITED and the excellent TOTW together with big advertising. The mayhem which is about the Shift Marketplace has been caused by that promotion at that time, especially for the people who enjoys FIFA game so much. The market now is maintaining the safe environment at the moment, because the promotion of the FIFA 17 this year turns out to be not at the same time. Some sellers have sold their goods at a lower price so as to take participate the activities. And we have seen a good TOTW 10 on last Friday, which was presented SIF SAINT Ronaldo, and a lot of BUNCH SPACES during the forthcoming offers has been caused during that time. Check fifa 17 coins at

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For the analysis of the Player Price during BLACK FRIDAY & CYBER MONDAY:

From the analysis of the last year, we can see that the top players will maintain their value. And the reason is that there are huge demands among the gamers to support their value. And during the promotion time, people, and consumables and team items that are stuffed enmasse would see the biggest maximum collision, which may have relied on those packages of the FIFA 17 that have been released. Get to know about best website to buy fifa coins

About the offers to be released during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I’m sure you have got to see so many daily gifts and packs and we indicate that you will get to see a branded new team of the FIFA 17 PACKS, or matches or you can get more possibilities to get the top players in the packs. And the FIFA 17 PACKS gifts would go instantly, especially if there is SIF ST Ronaldo in the packs; in addition, we also make an indication that there will contain a TOTW 10 which is very powerful.

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