Best Tips for Playing FIFA 20

You should always start with the basics, like for example finding the right formation that best suits your style. If you like to run up and down the field, use a formation that has plenty of fowards or at least 1 very fast paced striker. If you want to slow things down, I would try to use a formation that has plenty of midfielders. The best all around formation in my opinion is the 4–2–3–1.

Also, this game is all about having quick reactions and knowing how, where to pass the ball. If you watch competitive players, they always think quickly and their passes always carry the potential of leading to a good play that could result in a goal. Practice and learn how to use simple passes, flair passes, through balls, air-through-balls, crosses, power passes, etc. Mixing these up will always put you ahead of your opponent.

The last important thing is to play great defense. Knowing how to manually guard a player, knowing when a player wants to send a through ball behind your defense, how to intercept balls, how to make quality tackles, when to clear balls from your own defense, how to bait opponents into passing the ball where you want them to, how to apply pressure with the whole team are all key vitals in playing lock-down defense.

More tips and guides on playing FIFA 20

Collect coins in Ultimate team, play online as much as you can, learn the basic methods in trading and build a strong team
Play Weekend League (30 matches)
Watch pro players’ stream on Twitch (formations, tactics)
Learn basic controls from Youtubers (shooting received a completely new approach in FIFA 20)
Take part in the esports scene and be FUT Champions verified, this enables you to take part in open qualifiers for big international events
Watch FUT Championships live events on Twitch (you may also receive special cards and gifts)
FIFA is fun if you play/follow also the competitive scene.

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