92 Futties Winner Sime Vrsaljko Player Review

92 futties winner 1

Today, we’ll be looking at FUTTIES Winner Sime Vrsaljko.

I, like many others, was eagerly anticipating a FUTTIES Winner Florenzi to go with the new FUTTIES Winner Manolas. But this item definitely addresses (and solves) any potentially lingering La Liga RB problems. This 92-rated item is unlockable via the FUTTIES Winner SBC, and can be completed for under 50K.

He’s got some incredible in-game stats:

 92 futties winner 2

For me, the ones that stand out are his 99 crossing and stamina, 93 interceptions, 92 stand tackling and 88 slide tackling.

I used him with the Anchor chemistry style, giving him the following boosts:

 92 futties winner 3

Let’s get into his pros and cons:

Pace: Very quick — it’s helped by decent agility and a long stride. I had no trouble dealing with the speedier wingers on this game. I would recommend using him with the anchor, as I don’t think he’d be fast enough without it.

Crossing: Phenomenal. He was a real creative threat down the right, and he provided quite a few good chances for Rashford and Martial. I was especially impressed with the power behind his crosses — his low crosses were especially good, and his far post crosses were especially accurate.

Defending: Really good. He’s got very clean tackling, and great interceptions. He tracked all the runs down his wing, and he was rarely beaten. The perfect defensive RB IMO. The workrates definitely don’t negatively affect this item.

Physical: Tall, strong and fast, with great stamina, jumping and aggression — what more can you ask for? He’s dominant on the right, and impossible to bully off the ball.

Weak Foot: Feels more like four-star weak foot to me — he was able to get the ball into the box on his left foot without too much difficulty.

Stamina: I wanted to mention this separately, because it’s really that good. He goes up and down the field, all game long, with no signs of tiring out.

Shooting: Quite ineffective going forward — I had a couple of clear-cut opportunites that he missed, and he was awful from range. I like my fullbacks to have a decent shot on them (R.I.P. Florenzi), and he just doesn’t have it. He skewed a lot of low-drivens wide, and he just blasted the long-range efforts into Row Z.

Dribbling: Feels clunky at times on the ball — he’s quick, but he’s not easy to dribble or turn with. There’s often a gap between the ball and his feet when he dribbles, so dispossessing him is not hard. He’s also not nimble, so the most skillful wingers can just cut left and right until he can’t keep up any more.

“Moments of Madness”: I notice this a lot with the lower-rated items that have received significant boosts — they can be perfect for 89 minutes of a game, but then throw it all away in a single minute. For Vrsaljko, this happens when he decides to stop tracking a run, or when he just stands still as a pass goes past him. I’m not sure what causes this, but it’s really frustrating. I’m not going to chalk this up to composure, but you don’t get this with the more elite items in this game.

He’s very solid, and he’s definitely one of the top-two RBs in the La Liga (along with TOTS Sergi Roberto), and probably one of the top RBs in the game. However, I still feel he’s rough around the edges — he can do the essential stuff (pace, crossing, defending, physical), but he can still feel clunky at times, he’s not great going forward, he’s a little limited in what he can do when on the ball, and he just didn’t feel like a 92-rated player to me at times.

For less than 50K, he’s someone you should definitely get and try out. If you have a La Liga team, or are in the market for a RB, he could be your man. He just edges TOTS Roberto in my opinion, but I like a few RBs in this game more than him (TOTS Walker, TOTS Kimmich, TOTS Mbabu are just three of them). And with TOTS/FoF prices being this low, you may not want to lock your coins into this untradeable. However, if you do get him, he’ll get the job done.

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