10 neglected facts about FUT 14 you should know – FIFA Coins Reviews (2)

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Beginners or experienced gamers should bear in mind of these ten features about FIFA 14 Ultimate Team for advanced players.


Last week, we had already discussed the first 5 facts. This to remember the rest 5 as possible as you can.


It’s impossible to change the players’ work rates on Ultimate Team Mode, regardless of game management. That’s why it is so important and difficult to choose well players.
Everyone wants to transfer their FUT progress to PS4 or XBox One, while just a few know it is possible, at any time, go back to the current-gen console and play with the same squad. Obviously, it can be done only between PS3 and PS4 and between XBox 360 and XBox One.


It is possible to give some instructions to the players: wingers change side, offside trap, CB joins to the attack or high pressure, by clicking on the D-Pad at any time.


If everything goes well, gamers can be able to transfer all their players and coins to new consoles once checking whether using the same PSN ID or GamerTag on the new console. If only using the same Origin account, everything will carry over except FUT items. Unfortunately, problems including losing all current-gen friends, stopping using transfer offer and sending or receiving items from the EAS FC Catalogue, will appear during this carry over.


Even considering the chemistry influence, if stopping a game to check players’ stats, in-game stats are actually different from the ones shown on the databases, not even on the menu before the start of the game the stats are right. Difference even becomes bigger on the In-Form cards. The stats are not increased in 4, 5 or 6 points, as the databases shows, but only in one or two points. It can be one more reason to avoid spending many coins on In Form cards.


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