10 neglected facts about FUT 14 you should know (1)

FUT 14

Beginners or experienced gamers should bear in mind of these ten features about FIFA 14 Ultimate Team for advanced players.


Just start with a quick review of what interesting about FUT 12/13 for beginners and most of those facts are still valid for FUT 14.


Considering whether substitutes spend contracts when playing;

It is stupid to scores over 5 goals in each match;

The categories of manager and team can be different;

Don’t be hesitated to adapt striker as defensive midfielder without damaging the team chemistry;

It’s only the manager who goes to the bench needs contracts ;

Applying contracts to players of the same category isn’t always good.


While, there is something new in FUT 14.


TOTY is a group of eleven players with much improved attributes. How they are chosen. Actually, these eleven players who get special blue cards are chosen by the FIFPro World XI rather than EA or FIFA Baloon D’Or, after voting by 50,000 players coming from worldwide representative organization for all professional football players.


Previously, a player could drop from a match without being penalized on the %DNF coefficient and spending contracts if dropping on the first five minutes. This rule was very useful in games with too much lag or between teams with similar kits. However, some drop if they were losing on the first five minutes. There’s no such rule in FUT 14. If a player drops from a match, he is penalized.


Players can be upgraded to an upper category. A bronze player may get an IF silver card and a silver player can get an IF gold card if the player has another IF card and the rating of the previous IF card is the higher possible on that category. For example, the rating of the Pape N’diaye Souaré regular card is 72. It’s increased to 73 with his first IF card and to 74 with the second one. The next IF card, if he gets it, will be a gold card. Kevin Kampl, Rúben Pardo and Steven Caulker are three examples of players promoted to a new category.


The EAS FC Catalogue is organized by categories. One of these categories is for Ultimate Team items which can be used to ‘Gameplay’ in this game mode.


It’s possible that players and their opponents are of the same division. Generally, the game handles matchmaking by going through an ordered process by searching for players with the lowest ping for players to minimize lag and teams that are exact or near to the team rating of the team players selected. Only then it sorts players’ matches by division and gets them the closest match to their division.


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